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Paint on a Tote | International Women's Day

“Paint on a Tote” Event

March 8th, 2023

International Women’s Day Celebration

Levantine Restaurant, Hilton The Pearl, Doha, Qatar

Did you miss the Tote events? Because we sure did! So to celebrate International Women's Day, our participants had the chance to customize their Tote bags with paintings that represented them!💐

The venue’s warm atmosphere had us all feeling at home. Oh, and the cool Doha breeze was just a cherry on top.

This event came right after hosting our first “Finish the Drawing” Instagram competition and we had the first-place WINNER get a free ticket! So you might want to consider joining next time – let us meet you! ☺️

Thank you to our beautiful attendees! You made this evening a resounding success and left us feeling inspired and empowered.♀️

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