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World Autism Awareness Day - PTTQ with Qatar Autism Center

On April 2nd, 2023, Paint the Town Qatar collaborated with Qatar Autism Center and Special Needs for World Autism Awareness Day

QACSN organized an entertainment day in cooperation with Paint the Town Qatar, where students participated in painting activities, guided by our lovely artist, coloring figures, and other entertainment and educational activities.

We would like to thank QACSN for having us and all the children who participated and impressed us with their art and imagination!

Special thanks to Trinity Talent Qatar for making this collaboration possible. We would like to add some words from TTQ's co-owners:

“Our brains like our bodies are often mistakenly called by names that suggest lesser, not greater. The truth is, we are all cut from one cloth but we don’t all wear it the same way. We are diverse, not divided.” - @trinitytalentqatar

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