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Welcome Ramadan | Paint on a Lantern

“Paint on a Lantern” Event

March 29th, 2023

Ramadan Suhoor Buffet

Opus Terrace, Park Hyatt Doha, Mshereib, Doha, Qatar

One of our participants told us that our painting events were like meditation sessions. Imagine disconnecting from all the chaos going on in your life and focusing on creating your own masterpiece. Oh, and having the most delicious food while doing that too! Do you feel the same way?

We hosted our most recent event at the beautiful Opus Terrace, which was the perfect location for our Paint on a Lantern activity! The venue was fully decorated to match the Ramadan theme and the food was just YUMMY.

Our lovely guests wowed us, once again, with their customized artwork - It’s always nice to see how each person expresses art differently! Thank you to everyone who made this a successful gathering – and Ramadan Mubarak!

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